A 50+ Year Batavia Tradition

Fireworks and Flag

The people of Batavia and surrounding towns pay for our 4th of July fireworks show by showing support in many ways. Our residents band together to host fundraisers throughout the year. Local businesses provide generous donations to the fireworks fund. A committee of volunteers meets regularly, year ’round, to ensure the show goes off perfectly. This time-honored tradition exists because we love Batavia.

The unimaginable happened on July 4, 2023. The fireworks failed to go off. So many people had gathered in their chosen viewing locations and were waiting. At 9:30, the theme from Top Gun started playing and then…..nothing. Our pyrotechnics contractors’ system failed to launch. They quickly diverted to the back up system. Nothing.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. It was uncomfortable and mortifying for the committee. A year’s worth of planning and it did not go up in smoke.

The good news? We still have have the rest of the summer to replan and reorganize.

The bad news? We feel horrible about what happened. We will make it up to you on a date to be determined. Please check back often for updates (and on social and traditional media, too).

Thank you so much for all your contributions both big and little. We couldn’t put on this show without the generous donations of our businesses, citizens, citizens from other towns (yes, even GENEVA), etc. None of the fireworks are paid for by city funds. They provide us with Police and Fire (and we thank them for that).

Stay tuned for updates and we thank you from the bottom of our sad hearts!

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