Why I Love Batavia

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4 thoughts on “Why I Love Batavia”

  1. Batavia is the best home town because it is filled with the best people! I just loves summers in Batavia, along the Fox River. Running into familiar friendly faces at the Park District concerts in the park,at a 5k along the bike path, while ordering popcorn at the depot, at Cocktails in the Park or the Block Party and of course at the annual fireworks show! Smallest town of 27k people I know!

  2. We’ve been coming to see the Batavia Fireworks for the last 25 years and I have to say, they are the best around!

  3. Batavia has been my home off and on over the last 16 years. Its small town charm is what brings you in…its close knit community is what keeps you here! I may have left and come back a few times but it’s my home now for good!

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