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Listen Live from your backyard!

Thank you for staying home and enjoying our firework show! Click the link below and at 9:30 pm tonight press play to enjoy our Sky Concert from the comfort of your own back yard! Happy 4th of July!

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Listen to the 2014 show!! Click here!

Here are the details for the 2015 show:

The City of Batavia is proud to host one of the most celebrated 4th of July fireworks productions in the western suburbs of Chicago, which we proudly call the “Sky Concert.” It has a more than 50-year history of being produced and paid for by local citizens. Today, the show is provided under the auspices of the Batavia ACCESS Committee. The show is paid for with private donations and fund-raisers. While the City of Batavia incurs costs for police and fire safety, no tax dollars are used to pay for the pyrotechnics.

The pyrotechnics are placed on the Mooseheart field, generously offered by the “Child City.” The audience is invited to watch from Engstrom Park at the corner of Millview Drive and West Main Street. There is additional audience space on the Batavia High School athletic fields on West Main Street.

The event begins with our Savor-the-Flavor food vendors which begin to serve an assortment of treats at 5:00 p.m. and continues until the show begins at 9:30 p.m. Then after announcements and a welcome by the Mayor, the Sky Concert will begin at 9:30 p.m. (weather permitting)

Rain Delays
Rain will not stop the show, however dangerous conditions—lightning or high winds—could cause the show to be delayed until the following evening.

Absolutely no parking will be allowed on Wilson or Main Streets between Van Nortwick Avenue and Randall Road. No parking will be allowed on Randall Road from Main Street to McKee Street.

Public parking for the show will be permitted at both high school parkinglots (off Wilson & Main), the Ace Hardware Parking lot and at the Wilson Business Center on West Wilson Street. Parking will also be available at several of the major retail lots along Randall Road.

A five-dollar donation per car will be requested at each lot. All proceeds will go to support the fireworks show. Parking at the Batavia Covenant Church off Main Street will be marked and reserved for vehicles carrying handicapped stickers.

Safety and Regulations
The community will be the guests of the Batavia Park District and School District 101. In addition, Mooseheart is allowing the Committee use of their property for authorized personnel ONLY. In order to protect the crowd and the school property, no one in the audience will be allowed to:

Bring alcoholic beverages to Engstrom Park or the school grounds.

Light or brandish sparklers, firecrackers or other handheld explosive devices. These are dangerous to children and others.

Bring dogs or other pets to the show.
Ride bikes, scooters or mopeds on the school grounds where people are assembled for the show.

Enter any portion of the Mooseheart property.
Batavia police will patrol during the show. Ask them to help you if these simple, reasonable rules for crowd safety are violated.

Lost and found will be coordinated near the ESDA trailer located at Engstrom Park.

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